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    Computed Radiography (CR)

    • 0Cost savings by eliminating film and chemistry
    • Increase productivity
    • High quality images
    • Wall mount option for limited space
    • Automatic cassette and plate handling
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    Digital Radiography System (DR)

    • Achieving low noise by noise canceling image processing circuit.
    • Low lag image by strengthen refresh function, suitable for during radiographic exposure.
    • Attached driver soft can provide excellent clean raw image, adopting real-time off-set, gain and defect corrections.
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    Surgical C-arm mobile X-ray XENO-360

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    Medical X-ray Equipments & Accessories
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    Place of Origin:
    Seoul, South Korea
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    X-Ray JPI

    Company Name: JPI
    Origin: Korea
    Model:  JPI-500mA